Beware of Beagle

Beagle Howling Out a Car Window

Beagles love going for car rides. Unfortunately, they get really excited when they know they're going somewhere fun like the dog park. They will bark and whine for the entire car ride. If you dare lower the windows, they will only continue to bark and howl.

Beagles are hounds that have been bred for years to hunt with their nose. They love sniffing around the garden, which means they enjoy digging.

Beagle Digging up the Garden
Stuffed toy without nose

Beagles get bored easily, more so if they don't get enough exercise. A walk around the block won't suffice. You have to keep in mind that hounds are hunting dogs, and when they hunt they can run for long periods. So, if you do decide to get a beagle be sure to exercise it so it won't destroy your favourite shoes, books, toys, etc.