Beware of Beagle

WAIT! Stop! Are you thinking of adding a beagle to your family??? I'm glad you landed on this page. Before you make the furever decision to bring one home, I need to give you the lowdown, the honest truth, the total scoop about how this sweet looking pupper can be a little devil in disguise.

Are you one that enjoys living in a nice, calm home? Where cleanliness brings you serenity and joy? Beware that by adding a beagle to your household, it will turn your home upside-down.

Can you be swayed into choosing a different breed of dog? If you are allergic or enjoy a clean home, a hypoallergenic dog would be ideal. If you enjoy the outdoors, dogs like labradors and pointers could make good running companions or just playing a game of fetch. And if you're torn between two or more breeds you can just get yourself a Heinz 57 -- anything but a beagle!

By now, you're probably wondering what do I know about beagles. I have owned beagles in the past, and currently am the mom to a crazy 3 year old beagle named Junior. Oddly, despite the fact that these dogs can be extremely naughty, somehow like the pain of childbirth that you forget quickly, you forget all about the messes, mischief, and antics a beagle can get themselves into.