Beware of Beagle

Helpful Tips

Whether you're still sitting on the fence or have already decided to get a beagle, I've included a list of websites that might be a good source for more information.

Junior's Favourite Dog Park

There are many, excellent off-leash dog parks around the Toronto area. The one that is a favourite with my family and our dogs is Cherry Beach Off-Leash Dog Park. It is situated downtown Toronto, along the shore of Lake Ontario. The dog park area is completely enclosed with fencing and the lake. There is plenty of parking, restrooms, and sometimes even a food truck too.

Map of Cherry Beach Off-Leash Dog Park


Junior is our 3 year old beagle. His older brother is Rolo, our 12 year old lab that borders on tolerating him. The two of them have very different personalities. Rolo is extremely loyal, well-behaved, and calm. Junior is also loyal, but he always keeps us on our toes. He's always getting into some sort of mischief, but despite that he is loving and sweet.

Junior and Rolo